1 Powerful Way To Give Your Life Better Perspective

mindset Jan 09, 2024

“No tree, it is said , can grow to heaven unless it’s roots reach down to hell.”

- Carl Jung


Carl Jung's sentiments above were a powerful tool for me. They completed shifted my perspective of how my life works. Many people, like myself at the time, would view hard situations as bad or unfair. 


This quote helped me realize that I can’t truly enjoy the ups until I acknowledge and embrace the downs.


Life, growth, and progress are not linear. They have peaks and valleys. Some call this the rollercoaster of life. In my career working with high performers, I have found that once they learned how to manage the highs and the lows of life, they performed better. They had more peace of mind.  Instead of labeling a situation as good or bad, they learned that each circumstance plays a role in their development.


By working on ourselves and embodying personal mastery, we build the skills that allow us to be resilient during the darkest of times. Whether this is in your career, your relationships with others, or your relationship with yourself.


Instead of playing victim to the lows, choose to enjoy the journey. Appreciate all that life throws at you. Have compassion and grace for yourself and others. Understand that nothing is happening to you, but instead, for you.


Every tough thing that happens to you is an opportunity to learn and grow for the better. You build up resiliency so that you can face it in a more effective way when it inevitably shows up in your life again.


Nothing in life is permanent. Change is the only constant. Decide to create a reframe around the thought that this thing or situation is "bad." Instead, look at it as an opportunity to be a problem solver in your own life. This will change your life for the better!


Your perspective creates your reality. Change your perception of the difficulties you face from dreadful to opportunistic. Keep this close to heart and on top of mind so that you can live as the best version of yourself. You deserve it. #YouCan2

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