‚ÄúThe You Can 2 Difference‚ÄĚ

No more wasting time. No more feeling stuck. Together, we will create your plan of action, execute on it, and achieve the results you desire most!

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 Tired of being stuck? Decrease uncertainty and increase clarity by getting crystal clear on EXACTLY where you currently are in your life and where it is you desire to be. 

 Are we a good fit to work together? Understand my process and how it will help you save time and take guessing out of the equation so you can start getting results now. 


 Improve your likelihood for success by building awareness around what is currently not working for you. See what habits, routines, actions, thoughts, etc. are ineffective in achieving your goals. 

 This is achieved through specific questionnaires and assessments that create clarity.


 Minimize the time it takes you to succeed by implementing new strategies, ways of thinking, and taking consistent action.

 I co-create this success formula with you so you don’t have to put a ton of effort into figuring out what works for you. 

 I hold you accountable to the actions you commit to. What gets measured gets managed!


 Throughout this journey you will inevitably come across challenges. This is where most people quit, not you. 

 Our work together and my guidance will teach you how to learn from these roadblocks quickly so that you spring into action. 

 This will save you time and effort, while preventing you from getting stuck or quitting.


 Create your DREAM LIFE by consistently following through on what we implement. The more you regularly implement specific actions, the faster you create new habits.

 By becoming a better version of yourself you realize that there is more you can accomplish. All of which you can now do faster, with less effort, confidently, and with certainty. This is a proven process that has worked for myself and my clients. #YouCan2

There is a huge problem in the coaching and fitness industry. Oftentimes, coaches are trying to fit you into cookie-cutter systems that don’t work for you. You are a bio-individual, meaning that you have your own unique, specific needs based on your genetics, background, and lifestyle. This is the reason why as my one-on-one client, you receive a customized program to reach the goals you desire.

I Want In!

“What can I expect after working with you?"

  One-on-one weekly calls with me as your coach

  A customized program that suits your goals, busy schedule, and lifestyle

  Elimination of the lies, negative beliefs, excuses, and ineffective habits holding you back

  No more feeling like you need a nap or your third coffee mid day

 No more being lost and confused about how to stick to your goals

 No more quitting on yourself

 No more feeling self-conscious about how you look

 Clarity of who you desire to be

 Confidence in the way you look, feel, and show up in the world

 A thorough understanding on the eating style that works best for you

 Peace of mind

 The ability to create time for yourself despite your busy schedule

  Effective systems to stick to your goals for both at home and while traveling


I'm Ready For Change!

Don't just take my word for it


"The best advice I can give you is lean into it.

He is there to help you, and the more I leaned into the process and trusted the information he was sharing with me, the more I got out of the program."

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"Alvey has been such a massive impact in my life.

I recently took his nutrition course, and what I really loved about it is that nothing was so strict. He didn't tell me what I should do.

He taught me to listen to my own body."


"Life before my experience with Danny Thompson was scattered.

But through accountability, well-formulated questions and guidance, I was able to take a step back and get more clarity in my life."

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Ready to...


Actualize your potential?

Look and feel your BEST?

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